Bespoke Garden Rooms - What do we mean?


We see many different garden room suppliers offering “bespoke” garden rooms, but what exactly does this mean? In some cases it can be as little as you get to choose the colour of the paint used on the walls of a standard garden room design.

At Bothy Garden Rooms, a bespoke garden room is designed and built from the ground up taking into consideration the environment in which it will be place, the aesthetic preferences of the customer as well as the intended use of the garden room. All of our buildings are hand made to order using timber frame construction. This allows us complete flexibility in the design rather than only using standard panels.

Whilst we have various example designs shown on this website, we enjoy creating one-off custom designs more than anything, so if you’ve got an idea in your head and you’d like to see it come to life, please get in touch today.

Custom built to suit your garden

Not many gardens are flat with perfectly square corners and straight boundaries. We will design a garden room which maximizes the space available within your garden, complimenting any natural features. Factors we may take into consideration when designing your garden room will include:

  • Views of the surrounding area.

  • Where the sun hits the garden.

  • Privacy from neighbours.

  • Style of your house.

Custom features

How you intend to use your garden room will have an effect on any custom features which may be useful. A couple of examples are as follows:

  • Garden office - Features such as integrated storage and desks can help to maximise the space available as well as providing a clean, organised look. Nowadays, no garden office is complete without a broadband internet connection, so it is important to plan ahead as this may require a cable to be run underground to the building.

View our Garden Offices & Studios

  • Garden Gym - Depending on the equipment you will be using in your gym, you may require a reinforced floor or increased headroom.

  • Garden Studio - As a place to enjoy your garden, a studio could benefit from such features as an integrated outdoor seating area or green “living” roof to add a bit of colour to the garden. We can also create additional decking around your garden room to give you more space to entertain friends or perhaps sit a hot tub.


Internal Appearance

Our standard internal finishes include painted walls to your choice of colour with oak effect laminate flooring and skirtings/facings to match, however, you are free to choose different finishes where required.

External Appearance

The choice of external finishings is a key factor in the overall style of the garden room. Whether you are aiming for a contemporary design or something a bit more traditional to match your house, we can guide you through the choices which make a difference. Some of the key areas which will have an affect are:

  • Timber cladding - Not only can you choose from a variety of cladding materials and profiles, our supplier can create the tools to supply your very own profile design. Our main cladding materials are European Larch, Siberian Larch and Western Red Cedar.

European Larch

European Larch

Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar


  • Windows & doors - Choose between UPVC, Aluminium clad or timber windows and door to get the exact look you are after. All three options are available in a variety of colours and styles.

  • Lighting - The icing on the cake, get the lighting correct and you can turn the garden room into a spectacular centerpiece for the garden.

What is involved?

  • Initial enquiry - To kick start your very own custom designed garden room, get in touch via our contact page. We can discuss your requirements over a phone consultation where we can advise whether or not your project is something we can help you with. It is also useful at this point if you have any ideas, sketches or photographs of similar projects that you like to send them to us to get a feel for the style of building that suits you.

  • 3D Cad Design - From here, and after a site visit we can start to put some concepts together using 3D Cad to help you visualise and get a sense of scale of the project. We’ll work very closely with you through various iterations to ensure you are delighted with the design. This stage is particularly useful for getting door and window positions spot on before we start cutting wood.

  • Build & Installation - Once you’ve happily signed off the design of your bespoke garden room, we’ll get to work building the kit in or workshop. This way, the majority of the work is done off site which reduces disruption at your house. Once complete, the kit will be delivered and installed in position for you to enjoy.

Whether you are interested in a completely bespoke garden room design or a slight modification of one of our standard buildings, get in touch to see what we can offer.