Garden Offices - Advantages of working from home

More and more people are opting to work from home be it running their own small business or working remotely from their main office. This flexible approach to work can be beneficial to everyone, however all aspects should be considered carefully before making a large commitment. 

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Small Businesses

A garden office allows you to keep you're work separate from daily life. Not only allowing you to "switch off" from work now and again but without the mess of paperwork all over the place. 

Traditional office space can be costly to rent. Factor in the time and money spent commuting to the office and it amounts to a significant annual outgoing. You could potentially cover the cost of a garden office in under two years.


Many employees who work from home claim that their productivity is actually increased due to fewer distractions and a reduction of stress caused by the daily commute. Add to this flexibility in working life and you have an attractive option,particularly for families with young children.



Large employers can also benefit from offering their employees a flexible working environment. By removing geographical constraints, employers can target the ideal candidate regardless of where he/she lives. This also means businesses can spend less on office space and equipment. 

Not only are employees generally happier when working from home, it also allows more flexibility in day-to-day life which in turn improves employee retention.

Not for Everyone 

It has to be said that working remotely does not suit every job or person. Some roles require close teamwork with a constant communication between co-workers. Then there is the question of trust and how to manage people remotely to ensure they are doing what they're supposed to be.

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