10 Great Garden Room Ideas

Garden rooms can be extremely versatile and useful additions to any garden large or small. Whether you are looking to create extra living space or planning to run a small business from home, a garden room could provide the perfect space for you.

Here are some of our favourite garden room ideas:

Garden Office

More and more people are enjoying the benefits of working from home. A garden office can provide the ideal solution to keeping work and family life separate whilst giving you a perfect environment free from distractions and office politics. Imagine trading your daily commute with a walk to the bottom of your garden, coffee in hand!

Home Gym

If you take your fitness seriously and are fed up queuing for the treadmill at your local gym, why not trade your membership for your very own garden gym? Get a sweat on and kick-start your day while gazing out over your garden.

Music Room

Turn it up to 11 inside a soundproof music room. Driving the family up the wall with AC/DC riffs? Not only does a garden room provide a space away from the main house to practise, it can also be soundproofed to varying levels.

Garden Bar

Do you love entertaining? You’ll be the envy of your friends when you throw the ultimate barbecues and parties.


Ideal for a self employed hairdresser or beauty therapist looking to open their own salon. Avoid the hustle & bustle of the high street and treat your clients in the relaxing surroundings of the great outdoors.

Cinema Room

Sink into your recliner and enjoy the latest blockbuster on your big screen with fully immersive surround sound.

Extra Accommodation / Annex

A popular option for people looking after elderly relatives or teenagers who are outgrowing the house. A self-contained living space can be created in a reasonably small space with all the modern luxuries of a home. Another option would be to utilise the space as a B&B to generate income.

Arts & Crafts Studio

Be inspired by the outdoors while getting creative in your art studio. Filled with natural light via large french doors and windows, you can create the perfect, relaxing environment to paint, sew or make jewellery. The best part is no longer worrying about making a mess on the kitchen table!


If you like to get your hands dirty fixing bikes or even making furniture, a fully insulated garden workshop could be right up your street. Warmer and more secure than the garage without making a mess in the house.

Games Room

Whether you’re into board games, video games, arcade games or pool, a games room provides the ultimate space for competing with friends and family. 

Here at Bothy Garden Rooms we love to hear about any unusual ways to use your garden room. Let us know below how you use yours or what you'd like to use one for or contact us for more information about our rooms.