Garden Room Security


OK, so you’ve decided to add a nice new garden studio to your property and intend to fill it with expensive items. Often full of expensive gym, music or electronic equipment and positioned away from the main house, garden rooms can be an attractive prospect for burglars.

At Bothy Garden Rooms we understand that security is high on the list of priorities of anyone considering a garden room or office.Here is some advice to help you put your mind at ease when you lock up your garden room at night.


Basic advice

This advice does not involve spending much money on equipment or major modifications to your property, however, following these simple rules can help discourage any would be thieves:

  • Use window blinds/curtains to obscure valuables from view.

  • Do not leave valuables in full view of potential intruders.  

  • Store high value items out of sight in secure, lockable storage.

  • Remove any small items such as mobile phones or laptops from the garden room and store in a secure location inside the house.

  • Keep a backup of any important documentation in a separate location.

  • Photograph and document all valuable items, taking note of model, make and serial numbers etc.

  • Mark valuable items with a UV sensitive security marker pen. Include details such as your name, address etc.                    

Construction of the Garden Room

When considering a new garden room it is worth asking potential suppliers about the construction of their buildings in relation to security. Constructions methods and specifications can vary from supplier to supplier so the key points to look out for are:

  • Wall construction: Side and rear walls can be vulnerable due to the fact they are often out of sight. Ensure that the wall construction is substantial enough to make life difficult for any intruders. Some suppliers do not install timber sheets below the cladding which not only provides an easy entrance but a much less stable construction.

  • Double glazing on any windows and doors.

  • Approved door and window locks conforming to BS3621


Around the Garden

Keeping the contents of your garden room safe isn’t only about the construction of the room itself, there are other features that you can implement around your garden which will act as a deterrent to any would be intruders.

  • Cut back any trees or bushes which are providing cover around the garden room.

  • Use gravel paths around the garden rather than a solid surface. The noise of an intruder walking on the gravel can be enough to alert you.

  • Install high fences around the sides and rear of the garden with strong lockable gates. If it is tricky for an intruder to access the garden or escape, they are less likely to attempt it.

  • Plant bushes with thorns to make it harder for anybody to hide in.

Garden Room Security Equipment

As an extra line of defence, there are many options for additional security:

  • Burglar alarm

  • Security lights

  • Safe

  • CCTV