What is a Garden Room?

Often, when we mention garden rooms to somebody, the default reply is “ahh, like a summerhouse?”. Although they may appear to have similarities, the reality is quite different. Think of a garden room as an alternative to a conservatory or extension of your main house whereas a summerhouse is generally a lower spec structure which serves its main purpose as a shelter.

A Garden Room should be designed and constructed in a manner which makes it suitable to use throughout the year in all weather conditions. The result is a well insulated, secure structure built to the same standards as a modern timber frame house. Be aware however, that not all garden rooms are equal and specifications vary from supplier to supplier.

With careful consideration during the design process, a garden room can be built to suit any style of home whether it is a traditional cottage or a contemporary villa. Small details such as cladding profile or even orientation and glazing can make all the difference to the overall appearance.

Garden Rooms can be used for many different things. Whether they are purpose built for a specific job such as a home office, gym or music studio, or even just somewhere to relax the list of possible uses is endless.

Offering a great alternative to a traditional extension, a garden room is generally a more cost effective option and also less disruptive due to the fact that it does not require major work to the main house. In many cases, planning permission is not required and a well designed and constructed room may also add value to your home.

Have a look at our range of garden rooms for some inspiration of your own space.