Garden Office, Perthshire

Initial Enquiry


We received the initial enquiry from our customer via the online form on our website. The enquiry was for our Macdui 01 garden room with the intention of using it as a small garden office /  study. We promptly arranged a site visit to establish the exact customer requirements and the best location for the garden office.



Following the site visit, we created some CAD visualisations and drawings showing our proposed design in the garden to give a sense of scale. Having visited the garden, we suggested the addition of a small side window would massively benefit the office in this particular case. The customer agreed and was happy to proceed with the build.


  • Remote control operated LED external down-lights on overhang

  • Siberian Larch Cladding

  • 1KW Oil filled electric radiator

  • UPVC patio door and fixed window in Anthracite grey (RAL 7016)

  • 90mm rigid polyurethane insulation throughout

  • EPDM rubber membrane roof

  • Birch Plywood custom desk & shelves

Bespoke Features

We felt the addition of a small, desk height window on the right hand side of the office would be a massive benefit both aesthetically, and functionally to allow a view across the whole garden. Coupled with a custom designed corner desk and shelf unit, this provides the perfect environment for carrying out work in a relaxing, inspiring environment. The custom desk and shelves were CNC cut from furniture grade Birch Plywood and are suspended from the walls to provide a minimalist design whilst keeping the floor area clear to give a mores spacious effect.

Workshop Build

All of our buildings are custom built by us in our workshop prior to arriving on site. This not only gives us full control offer the design of the building, but it also minimises time and disruption on site.

We fabricated the panels for the garden office prior whilst our long lead items were ordered.

On-Site Arrival

When we arrived on site, the customer had done an excellent job of preparing the area for the office and provided us with a perfectly level area to start from. This allowed us to get started on the foundations immediately and made our life easy.

The prefabricated panels were then assembled prior to fitting the rigid insulation throughout.


This particular building was clad in Siberian Larch with two coats of Osmo Oil UV protection. The cladding is one of the key features of our builds and we pay particular attention to detail during the design phase to ensure features such as windows and doors align with the joints of the cladding. This may be time consuming, however we feel it is worth it. The overhang was clad horizontally to provide a contrast to the rest of the building which was vertical.

A UPVC patio door and fixed window finished in Anthracite grey complimented the cladding nicely to ensure a modern appearance overall. Remote control LED spotlights installed on the overhang above the patio door allow the owner to control the lights from the house as well as the office. 


Internally, this room was finished in white painted walls with a light oak veneered laminate floor and oak veneered skirting boards. Four wall mounted spotlights provide ample light whilst a 1KW oil filled electric radiator with remote control takes care of heating.