The Process

Here are the 5 basic steps involved in turning your dream into reality. Click below for more information.

1. Initial Enquiry

Send us an email or get in touch via this website to register an interest in one of our Bothys. We will then arrange an initial phone consultation to discuss your ideas and requirements. If you would like to proceed, we will then carry out a free, no obligation site visit.

2. Site Visit

Having gathered information from the phone consultation, we will arrive on site complete with basic design ideas. During this visit, we will survey the area you wish to position the Bothy as well as assessing factors such as site access, foundation requirements and electrical connection to the house. We will further discuss the design of your Bothy, going into more detail of the specification to suit your budget and requirements.

3. Design

Now the fun part begins! With all the information we have gathered through your initial enquiry and site visit, we can now start to create your dream Bothy. We will keep you involved with the design and provide you with CAD visualisations, drawings and a comprehensive quote for your build.

4. Manufacture

Once you have signed off the deisign, we can order up the long lead items and start to manufacture the Bothy. We will do as much of the manufacture off site in order to minimise disruption to you.

5. Installation

Now it's time to build your Bothy. We will start by installing a suitable foundation before assembling the prefabricated frame. The finishing touches will be added and you will be free to enjoy your new room.